A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The sounds we hear all around us can have a profound effect on our emotions and decision making processes. Over the last two semesters I have been researching, experimenting with and implementing the techniques composers and sound designers use to take audiences on a journey through the wide range of emotions evoked through the medium of horror.

In the game, the player is completely cut off from any visual stimulus and immersed in a 360° soundscape where they are forced to use both environmental sounds and music to evade the grasps of a creature built up in their imagination, whilst following the voice of a friend to safety.

In order to fully immerse yourself in the experience, the player is required to play with headphones and play in as dark a room as possible or cover their eyes with a face mask.

You will also need an Xbox or PS4 controller to play the game.

Check out my website www.marnochaudio.com for more info on me and the other projects I have developed.


FHear Final Build.app.zip 178 MB
Windows Build FHear.zip 174 MB